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Kids Indoor Playground Equipment Play Center Indoor Playground For Children

Kids Indoor Playground Equipment Play Center Indoor Playground For Children

Embark on an exhilarating journey through lightning-fast speeds and boundless challenges! Introducing Extreme Sport—your gateway to an extraordinary experience that transcends the ordinary. Whether you're a thrill-seeking adventurer or an individual eager to push your personal limits, our product is the ultimate choice for pursuing extreme sports.

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Kids Indoor Playground Equipment Play Center Indoor Playground For Children

Product Information


Factory Wholesale Kids Indoor Playground Equipment Play Center Indoor Playground For Children With Slide

Model Extreme Sport Equipment
Age Range 5-40 years old
Size(L*W*H) Customized

1) Plastic parts: imported LLDPE from Korea; Rotational mold, anti-UV, anti-static, anti-crack. Food grade plastic.

2) Post: galvanized pipe with PVC foam coated; diameter:48mm; thickness is 1.5mm

3) Soft parts: innermost: wood; middle: sponge; outmost: PVC cover.

4) Mat: EVA, different sizes and colors for your selection

Components Plastic Slide, galvanized steel pipe, PVC Foam, Wood board, Mat, etc.
Installation Professional and CAD instruction, Manual book, Videos
Features Free designs as long as given the sizes.
Certificate CE, TUV, ASTM certificates
Packing Standard Export Packing: Cotton & PP Film, Accept Customized Packingto our large indoor trampoline park! We bring you a brand new trampoline experience, allowing you to unleash your energy in a safe and exhilarating environment.

In crafting our structured playground, we've redefined it as a cutting-edge children's activity center seamlessly integrating games, sports, cognitive challenges, and fitness. This new generation play space features a myriad of adventure obstacles intricately woven throughout the structure, transforming it into a colossal castle where children can engage in imaginative play. 
Indoor Playground&Indoor Trampoline Park

Scattered within the framework are cushioned obstacles strategically positioned to inspire children to explore the entire play zone, demanding both physical exertion and endurance. This setup provides an excellent means of captivating and amusing kids while fostering both physical activity and cognitive involvement.

Our Advantages

- Speed Experience

Extreme Sport products are dedicated to delivering a thrilling experience of high-speed sports. Whether you're racing on the track or conquering treacherous mountain peaks, our products will immerse you in unprecedented speed and excitement.

- Considerate Design

Our products prioritize not only fashion and individuality but also user-friendly design. Aligned with ergonomic principles, ensuring you maintain optimal comfort and control during your adventures.

- Extreme Durability

In extreme challenges, product durability is crucial. Extreme Sport utilizes wear-resistant materials and high-strength structural design to ensure products maintain outstanding durability in extreme environments.

- Community Sharing

Extreme Sport encourages communication and sharing among sports enthusiasts. Join our community to share experiences, tips, and unique challenges with like-minded peers, collectively pursuing the joy of extreme sports.

Purchasing Extreme Sport means not only acquiring a dose of extreme challenge but also embracing a new level of experience in life. Join us, challenge the boundless possibilities, and reach new heights in extreme sports together!

Indoor Trampoline Park

About Our Company

XIYANGYANG AMUSEMENT EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD was founded in 2009 year in Wenzhou city China.Our founder experience more than 18years, Our factory area Covers about 20000m2. We have more than 200 colleagues and We also have a branch in shanghai city.


Our main products are Customized indoor playground,trampoline park and sports hall equipment.

 Indoor Trampoline Park Equipment

Why Choose Us?

1. Technological Innovation

Extreme Sport leads the industry in technological innovation, employing advanced materials and design concepts to ensure outstanding performance in extreme sports. We pay attention to every detail, striving for the utmost in user experience.

2. Safety and Reliability

Your safety is our top priority. All Extreme Sport products undergo rigorous safety testing, utilizing high-quality materials to ensure stability and reliability even under extreme conditions. Whether it's high-speed motion or extreme challenges, our products are your trustworthy companions.

3. Diverse Selection

Extreme Sport offers a rich product line to meet the diverse needs of sports enthusiasts. From high-speed skateboarding to thrilling polar skiing gear, our diverse selection allows you to find the perfect tool for your extreme challenges.

4. Unique Design

We emphasize the perfect combination of product aesthetics and performance. Unique exterior designs not only satisfy your aesthetic preferences but also provide better control and user experience in every detail.

5. One-Stop Service

Purchasing Extreme Sport is not just buying a product; it's embarking on a journey of extreme adventure. We provide one-stop service, from selection to after-sales support, ensuring our professional team is there for you every step of the way, guaranteeing perfection in every challenge.

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.